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The Balanced Program
1 cow—1977… 700 bulls—2013

Welcome to Fink Beef Genetics. We appreciate the time you are taking to review our cattle program involving two breeds, Angus and Charolais. One cow, $4,000, no owned land, and two jobs was the start of Fink Beef Genetics in 1977. Innovation, nontraditional, unique, and outside-the-box thinking has forged us on for 35 years. Now in 2016, we will market approximately 700 bulls. A 99.9% artificially inseminated herd for 35 years, one of the largest embryo transplant programs in the United States, and a networking of all segments of the cattle industry, plus old-fashioned cow sense has driven this family-owned operation since 1977. We have never waited for things to happen. If we see a need, we do it only if we feel it is in the best interest of our customers. Fads are not part of our program… long-term results are. When you call Fink Beef Genetics, you will talk to one of us.


New Listing of Charolais Embryos for Sale as of 1/31/18
Click Here


BASIN PAYWEIGHT 1682 semen for sale
Excellent quality
Not trader semen
Must take 5 straws or more
Priced at $400/straw
Contact Galen at 785-532-9936